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AARO publishes a quarterly newsletter containing detailed reports on all our events, information on important developments related to our major issues (taxation, voting, citizenship, Social Security, Medicare, FATCA), features on various aspects of life overseas, notices and reports on events, and lists of new members.

The newsletter is mailed to members who prefer hard copy to online access and posted in a full-color version, for members only, on our website. Newsletters published one year or more earlier are available to the general public on our website.

AARO also sends email bulletins to members every two weeks with updates on our issues, late-breaking news that affects overseas Americans, helpful information, and notes on upcoming events. The bulletins are sent to all members with internet access.

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Newsletters published more than one year ago are available to the general public.

pdf AARO News - June 2018

  • Overseas Americans Week
  • Memorial Day 2018
  • Citizenship Milestones, Part Two
  • Americans Abroad Reading List

pdf AARO News - April 2017

  • The Violence Against Women Act
  • Practical Information on WEP and Social Security
  • What’s New With U.S. Taxes?
  • Fabien Lehagre: Fighting for Accidental Americans

pdf AARO News - December 2017

  • Citizenship Milestones, Part One
  • AARO Healthcare News
  • A Citizenship Case Study Reflects the Times
  • Current Status of the Violence Against Women Act

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